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Shirley Temple Movies: welcome to our store featuring all of Shirley Temple's movies in vhs and dvd format. Choose from a huge selection of shirley temple movies.

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Shirley Temple in the News

Apparently Shirley Temple can't stand Paris Hilton. MSNBC and other websites report that Shirley Temple has openly criticized Paris Hilton and other starlets for stealing the thunder from real actors.

September 2006 -- The news services report that Shirley Temple broke her wrist because of a fall. Hopefully she is doing fine now. Some meanies however, such as the Evilbeet chose to make fun of the incident.

In The American Film Institute nominated five movies starring Shirley Temple as one of the 100 most inspiring movies. The movies were: Heidi, Since You Went Away, and Stand Up and Cheer. Under Nominated Musicals was Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm and Poor Little Rich Girl. Congratulations Shirley!

Shirley Temple has died.

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