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Shirley Temple Movies: welcome to our store featuring all of Shirley Temple's movies in vhs and dvd format. Choose from a huge selection of shirley temple movies.

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Shirley Temple Bright Eyes
Bright Eyes

Shirley Temple, the original dancing baby, sings her signature song, "On the Good Ship Lollipop," in this heart-rending drama, one of eight films she made in 1934 (!) at the ripe age of 6, and for which she was honored with a special pint-sized Academy Award. Temple stars as Shirley, the curly-headed "gosh, oh gee"-adorable mascot to a group of aviators.   More ...

The Poor Little Rich Girl

Shirley Temple is charming in this darling story of a young girl named Barbra going on her idea of a vacation. She meets new and exciting people like Tony, an Italian papa, and The Dolan family, radio stars that invite Barbra into their radio act. The story is heart-warming and filled of surprises, but ends happily. Shirley sings and dances consistantly throughout the film, but my favorite song at the radio program is "You've gotta eat your spinach baby!"  More ...

One thing Shirley Temple did extremely well (besides sing, dance, and act) was turn the cranky cuddly. She'd done it effectively, two years prior, in 1935's The Little Colonel with grandfather Lionel Barrymore. Now in Heidi she turns her reclusive grumpy grandfather, Adolf (Jean Hersholt), into the loving sort she knows he really is. Heidi is an orphan, dumped into the Swiss Alps by self-centered Aunt Dete (Mady Christians) onto a grandfather she's never known, but they soon learn to love each other.    More ...

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