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Shirley Temple Movies: welcome to our store featuring all of Shirley Temple's movies in vhs and dvd format. Choose from a huge selection of shirley temple movies.

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The Complete Guide to Shirley Temple Dolls And Collectibles: Identification & Value Guide

Shirley Temple: Identification & Price Guide to Shirley Temple Collectibles

An indispensable guide for anyone who collects Shirley Temple dolls and other memorabilia. Find out what your collectibles are really worth before you buy or sell. Shirley Temple dolls and memorabilia have become quite popular among collectors.

Bright Eyes / Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (Shirley Temple 2 Pack)
Bright Eyes / Rebecca Of Sunnybrook Farm (Shirley Temple 2 Pack)

Seeing Shirley Temple dance to her signature song, "On the Good Ship Lollipop," it is easy to forget that she was only six at the time. Talented far beyond her years, Shirley Temple was honored with a special pint-sized Academy Award for this movie. Shirley Temple stars as Shirley, the curly-headed "gosh, oh gee"-adorable mascot to a group of aviators.   More ...

Shirley Temple Movie Collection (5 DVD Disc Set) Shirley Temple Movie Collection (5 DVD Disc Set)

This dvd collection features almost every movie that Shirley Temple appeared in. From her earliest short films to her later starring roles in full length feature films. Disk 1 contains 4 shorts: Glad Rags to Riches, War Babies, Pie Covered Wagon, & Dora's Dunking Doughnuts.    More ...
Shirley Temple in The Little Princess
The Little PrincessStarring Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple stars in this 1939 version of the Frances Hodgson Burnett novel about a little, motherless girl left in the care of a girls boarding school by her soldier father, and then made into a servant there when he's missing in action during World War I. The fine tear-jerking Shirley Temple Movie is a good vehicle for the famous child star, and director Walter Lang (The King and I) makes a memorably lavish production of the Victorian milieu. The final scene, in which our Shirley is helped by one of the most famous women in history, brings down the house.   More ...

Shirley Temple Movie (Video) Collection


Shirley Temple Movie Gift Set (Heidi, Curly Top, Baby Take a Bow)

Build your collection of Shirley Temple movies with this wonderful box set featuring some of Shirley Temple's best movies. Includes Heidi, Curly Top and Baby Take a Bow. More ...

Shirley Temple in Heidi



One thing Shirley Temple did extremely well (besides sing, dance, and act) was turn the cranky cuddly. She'd done it effectively, two years prior, in 1935's The Little Colonel with grandfather Lionel Barrymore. Now in Heidi she turns her reclusive grumpy grandfather, Adolf (Jean Hersholt), into the loving sort she knows he really is. One of the best Shirley Temple movies   More ...



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